Saturday, August 21, 2010

DaVinci Gets a Play Gym

DaVinci thinks this play gym was for him to enjoy,
but it is really so I can have a break while he is out of his cage,
and it is working out pretty well so far.

Here he is exploring his play gym:Hmmmm.... These look like steps.
How am I doing?
It has a toy too?

He really likes it best right up on top, especially when Mommy hand feeds him treats like this dried banana. Already a spoiled boy.
DaVinci also LOVES his fruit. He gets fruit every morning.
Here is a short video of him eatting the fruit before I even finish filling the dish.
He loves watermellon.
You can see his eyes flashing as he eats the watermellon.
Alice explained that they do this when they are excited.

On the weekends I make DaVinci some warm breakfast.
This is an organic couscous with mango, carrots, coconut and other things.
You can see his eyes really flashing when he finds the raison.
I call it flashing when the pupils in their eyes go from big to tiny and big again.
Take a look when he finds that raison. Oh my! Hee hee.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


My husband and I have been looking for a Moustache Parrot ever since we saw one on last month's PetJubilee photo contest. A breeder seems to be hard to find, but last night on a whim I called the store I had bought Sinbad, and they had one 12 week old baby, and now he is mine.
He doesn't have all his coloring yet, nor all of his feathers. He is bigger than I thought.
But the funniest thing is his blue feet. It is hard to see that he has blue feet, but they are a powder blue.

We don't know if he is a boy or a girl yet, but the store owner says that because she does see the beak getting lighter, she thinks he is a boy. Her girls have a black beak, and the boys have a bright red beak.

He was scared in the store and kept biting. I tried to calm him by whispering his name - Lorenzo - bite, Santino - bite, Leonardo - bite, Santana - bite, Gaetano - bite.

All of a sudden another name came into my head - DaVinci - and he stopped biting and looked up. LOL So he is called DaVinci. Maybe some day he will even tell me, as they can learn to talk.

He is a big boy - bigger than I expected. He reminds me of those baby Teradactyls, the dinoaurs that look like birds.

He has never been in a cage before - so this was new, and he caught on pretty quickly. And he already has lots of toys.

Here is his first morning out with mommy.

Here is his first computer lesson.
Maybe he can take care of all of that paperwork.
I'm sure there will be many more pictures to come.