Sunday, September 23, 2012

10 year anniversary

Today is our 10 year anniversary. It is a beautiful day today, so hopefully we will get to spend some of it outside.
Traditionally - 10 year anniversary gift is tin or aluminum, and my husband got me this beautiful aluminum sculpture from Peru. It is called A Flower for My Love. And I just love it!
Silly man keeps coming in with a flower and assuming the same position as the sculpture. LOL

It also came beautifully wrapped and on the outside of the paper bow is what I believe to be a worry doll. It fit right on Gianna's neck as a pretty bow. LOL

I couldn't find anything I liked for him in aluminum or tin, but while on line shopping I saw this.

I insantly knew it was the right gift. He loves plants.

He put it all together and here is his little miniature garden with little mini gnome, 3 plants, little deck chair and pillow, stepping stones and garden gazing ball. :-)