Thursday, June 18, 2015

NJSPCA Pet Expo - June 13, 2015 - Vendor day

Beautiful day in New Jersey. We set up booths at a NJSPCA Pet Expo.
Lynn and her husband Dave were there.
We decided not to bring the dogs, and that was good as it was just too hot.
I felt bad for all the dogs for adoption that were there at the event.

John brought Giupetto and Gianna with him at the end of the event to help me break down.

Here are some pics.


Goats and Llamas

That's a Wolf

Lynn's booth with tie dye - Lynn and Dave is on the right

My booth

My headands and hats

Paracord leash extensions

Everyone loved this.
Junior the goat wearing his hat and one of Lynn's tie dye shirts

This French bulldog was showing their system you could rent to see what your dog sees.

Yes, lots of greyhounds for adoption.

There's my Afghan hound. Love this breed.

Corgi with large head, buys one of my top hats.

He went with this hat.
How cute the French beret looks on her.

This guy came back to thank me for how well this tandem leash extension works with his 2.

The Gs come to bring me home.