Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rock Hall's Annual Autumn Festival - Oct 2011

Here's our booth. Behind the booth is John and son-in-law Greg
Below you can see the cork board for the hats and capes. I have a look book on the table, which people like to look through. This time I laid the cat toys out on a platter and it worked great. I sold several. And I have a few dressed inflatable dogs hanging around.

Below is a closeup of the hats board day 1:

Next is a close up of the same board Day 2.

The Hubby's area. He made and hung these poles.

He displayed some on a cut tree trunk:

But what brought the most attention were the dolls he secured to a display tray - Iron Man, Phoenix and Wolverine. And the kids all ran over, esp recognizing iron man.

There's the hubby:

We've got a customer. Tucker is Baaad to the Bone.

Donna and Georgi came to visit:
Below is a new hat I made while sitting there at the fair:
End of day 2 - it was a very successful and fun weekend. There is my oldest grandson Thomas. They all helped pack us back up.