Sunday, May 22, 2011

Art in The Plaza May 22, 2011

Well, it was sooooooo cold, only 50 degrees - all day, and very windy, even some cold drizzle in the morning, cloudy - the sun never even peeked out. But there we were about a dozen or so crazy people, out in the cold trying to sell thier art.

There were not that many people walking through, but truly, considering the cold, I was surprised we had as many as we did.

I saw at least 6 dogs, a Briard Marely, that I fell in love with. He did some tricks for me, such a super sweet dog. He hung out with us for most of the day. There was a cute tiny yorkie, an apricot poodle, a Cavalier, a white poodle, and a mini schnauzer.

I enjoyed talking with everyone as usual, and everyone enjoyed my customer pics. I took some pics and some videos.

The purse with the lavender flowers and butterfly sold. That was my favorite. Those embroidered scenes are so fun to do. You design it yourself, choose your silk flower and the machine stitches a design over the inside of the flower. I don't make these anymore. Just do not have the time.

I am so tired now. My feet hurt, and my shins hurt, and my cheeks hurt - I think I have wind burn.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday DaVinci

DaVinci turned 1 year old on May 5, 2011.

We went to Pennsylvania for the weekend, arrived at night. DaVinci loves his travel cage so much he stayed in there the whole night and didn't come out till the following morning.

These are the videos taken that morning.

Caution - I am trying to teach DaVinci how to sing Happy Birthday, so one of the videos you will here one of the 100 times I sing the song to him. I want you to sing along - you know, in honor of his birthday.

Even though I have sang this some so many times, so far all he can say is "How does a cat go? Meow" and "Woof-Woof".

Hope you like his birthday videos:

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weddings are in the air...

The royal wedding was not the only wedding in my mind this weekend, although I think it may have been my inspiration.

Following is the makings of my latest wedding dress.

This one is for a Cockapoo named Hannah.

I'm ready to make the first cut of this beaautiful lace fabric.

It has an irredescent thread running through it as well, which is hard to show in the pictures.

Looks like I will have just enough.

( The shamrock table cloth is put down to protect the table while I am cutting.)

Sewing begins. The lace fabric gets a double lining so the seams do not show.

The peanut gallery (thank God for lint rollers):

Playing around with some designs for the bodice.

I decided to use an organza ruffle that has sequint flowers in the center. I used this along the neck edge and I made a curved design with it on the bodice.

I also used some organza flowers which have beaded centers.

Work starts on the train - no lining on the train so the lace will really stand out.

Finished dress with train. The train is removable, so Hannah can dance at the reception.

I also bordered the bottom of the train with the organza ruffle.

Here's the dress without the train.

Close up of the bodice.

That bottom flowerette gets removed and that is where the train gets attached:

And here is a picture taken outside with the veil on:

The head piece also has some of the sequint organza ruffle along the front:

Of course, she must cover her face while walking towards the altar - so the veil can be worn over the face:

I wonder if this will be a June wedding. :-)