Monday, March 28, 2011

DaVinci says his first words

I've been trying to teach my bird DaVinci to talk. I kept repeating a few phrases to him, but one of then seems to have caught his fancy.

Here he is saying "How does a cat go? Meow" over and over again.

John is now trying to confuse him by telling him a cat goes Woof Woof, and I am also trying to go on to teach him that a bird goes Chirp Chirp.

If you notice right around the time 3:59 in the following video he does say something other than meow. Is it Woof Woof or Chirp Chirp?

The video is a little less than 5 minutes. He does seem to get a little clearer by the end of the video.
I am, by the way, in the room at the back of the video sewing. You can here the click click of my sewing machine.
I set the tripod up to get this.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gianna and DaVinci sitting in a tree...

... you know the rest. :-)

Gianna has been obsessed with DaVinci, my moustache parrot, since I got him in August.
I have watched them interact with much trepidation, but I do think they are working it out, and actually really like each other.

In the morning, I open DaVinci's cage and let him come out on his own. Gianna sits right there and waits for him to come out.
I usually know when he is out sitting on the top of his cage door because she barks to tell me.

Sometimes DaVinci goes down to the bottom of the door and they greet each other.
Here they are saying good morning to each other.

DaVinci loves their toy basket, but Gianna is not so sure about sharing her toys. She gets a little excited when he does this, she paws him, and goes to bite his tail, or his head. I tell her to try to relax, and watch like a hawk.

OK, where'd he go?

Gianna has becone a great baby sitter for DaVinci.