Thursday, November 11, 2010

We got treats and a toy in the mail...

Giupetto here. Mommy is letting me blog today.
It has been a long time. How is everyone?

We received a package in the mail yesterday. Gianna and I knew it was something for us.
Mom was all excited about the surprise inside.
It came in a box with grass in it. And on the grass was a bag of Doody treats, from I recognized these treats right away as we have had them before and we love them. (Especially Gianna as she is a treat hound!)

Then Mom said, "Giupetto look, there is a brown ghost toy"
And I said "Mom, that is a Pile of Doody toy"
"Yes", Mom said, "It is a Steaming Pile of Doody toy".
But she still didn't give it to me. She had to take a picture first.

Finally, she let me have it. Then she took a video.

Do you think I like my new toy?

At the end I put my chin on the toy. That means it is safe, and no one can steal it.

Here I am in the morning. (I have not even combed my hair yet.) Mommy was so happy that I took my Steaming Pile of Doody toy to bed with me last night. (Of course I did get up and get my white ghost toy and bring that to bed too. Otherwise someone might steal it during the night.)

Oh wait. Was that a noise. Is someone trying to steal my Steaming Pile of Doody toy?
Oh, they are trying to sneak up on the other side now.
OK, it is safe.

Till next time. See ya.


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