Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012

Chirstmas 2012 was spent in New York and Pennsylvania this year.

First, of course, we had to have our annual photo shoot and selected our favorites - they are at the end:

My PetsJubilee family on etsy are filled with wonderful people many of whom exchanged gifts, including our secret santa:

I would say the Christmas fesitivities started on Christmas Eve at work, because I took the dogs to work that day, all dressed in their Christmas sweaters and jingle bell collars.
I am sure Giupetto and Gianna had lots of fun. They visited the other offices, and they hung out on my chair and on my desk.
We brought in pizza for lunch in the conference room, and they made friends with my boss, who fed them some pizza, carefully blowing on each piece to make sure it was cool enough for the dogs to eat.

Christmas eve after work we went out to dinner with the family and then went back to John's son's house, where we exchanged gifts. Included in these following pictures is a blanket my DIL Joy had made for us with some great pictures, including pics of Giupetto and Gianna with thier kids. I just love it. I love all of my gifts.

I hope you have enjoyed my collection of Christmas photos.
Merry Christmas to everyone.
May the peace, love and joy of the season stay with you throughout 2013.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Gianna's 8th Birthday - Dec 16, 2012

Hi theres. My name is Gianna, and I just had my 8th birthday.
Moms bought me a really pretty dress from my grandma Pauline on etsy. Mom says we should give the link so any one who wants a dress likes mine can buy one (but not mine because I have that one)
It is my favorite color blue, and although I am not usually a frilly girly girl I love all the frills on this dress. It has white lacey stuff and blue sparkly stuff, Mom says called sequints, and even the stars are sparklies.
And I got a package in the mail of these treats that look like great big bones, but they are really italian cookies called Biscotti. There were 3 in the package and I got one and Giupetto got one but even though I finished mine and Giupetto was still slowly nibbles on his, Mom wouldn't give me the last one. We had to wait a whole day and then share it!!
Thank you Grandma Pauline, for making such a pretty dress, and thank you alls for watching my birthday video.
((Best viewed if you click on the screen to view in youtube fullscreen.))