Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Doggie Prom - How cute

My friend Kelly and her family went to a doggie prom. Yes, a doggie prom where they chose a King and a Queen and other prizes were awarded.

I was asked if I could make 2 outfits for 2 of her dogs, Daisy, a Papillon, and Lilly, a Jack Russel/ Chihuahua mix.

I made a pink satin and embroidered organza dress for Daisy, with matching hat, and purse, with 2 compartments, so Daisy could store her treats and poo bags. :-)
And all the girls got wrist corsages. :-))

Unfortunately Daisy had a little mishap right before the prom with her sister, so Lilly stepped in and wore Daisy's organza prom dress.
Here she is, Lilly, looking as pretty as can be. Her Mom even painted her nails pink.


Lilly was supposed to wear this Crown Princess sweater set that I made for her, also with hat, and matching purse. Here she is modeling her sweater set.

Sophie also went to the prom in this pretty feather dress:

And Rosie attended the prom as well:

 There were family pics. Here is Mom, Kelly and Dad, Jim:

They elected a King:
and a Queen:

And if you want to see lots more dressed pets - here is a video at the prom:

Hope you enjoyed. I wish I could have gone with my 2. Maybe next year.