Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

I got a new video camera for Christmas, so of course today, Dec 26th, I am making videos and slide shows.
Hope you like.

Giupetto loves to steal my slippers

Reindeer in Training - now they only listen to Santa Clause

We want the Reindeer cookies NOW!

Hubby plays with his new flying saucer.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

DaVinci gets a new toy for Christmas

...and Mommy gets a new video camera. Uh-oh.

Does he hate or love the toy?:

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hi, My name is Gianna, and it is my birthday!!!
I am 6 years old.
Mommy bought me a yummy cake.
She said a really nice lady made the cake.
Her name is Shari, and she sells these cakes on her website .
She is also Mommy's friend, and the team leader of a team my Mommy is on. She loves that team.
Shari also has a girl dog named Velvet, but lets get back to MY birthday!

Yep, it's my birthday, and I was so excited because package came in the mail today - for me!
And it had a birthday cake in there. Yay!!!
It smelled so yummy, but we had to wait for Mommy to put these silly ties on us.
Then she had to put a hat on my head.

I tried to be a good girl and pose for the camera,

but I really just wanted that cake.

Giupetto was a good brother and let me have all the attention, and the first shot at the cake.

He had some later, and even he loved the cake. (Giupetto doesn't usually like anything.)


We just got a new computer and it has a web cam! Yay!

We are having fun playinng with our new computer.

Here is the first picture taken with the web cam.

I just love this picture.


(What a couple - showing off for the camera)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

We got treats and a toy in the mail...

Giupetto here. Mommy is letting me blog today.
It has been a long time. How is everyone?

We received a package in the mail yesterday. Gianna and I knew it was something for us.
Mom was all excited about the surprise inside.
It came in a box with grass in it. And on the grass was a bag of Doody treats, from I recognized these treats right away as we have had them before and we love them. (Especially Gianna as she is a treat hound!)

Then Mom said, "Giupetto look, there is a brown ghost toy"
And I said "Mom, that is a Pile of Doody toy"
"Yes", Mom said, "It is a Steaming Pile of Doody toy".
But she still didn't give it to me. She had to take a picture first.

Finally, she let me have it. Then she took a video.

Do you think I like my new toy?

At the end I put my chin on the toy. That means it is safe, and no one can steal it.

Here I am in the morning. (I have not even combed my hair yet.) Mommy was so happy that I took my Steaming Pile of Doody toy to bed with me last night. (Of course I did get up and get my white ghost toy and bring that to bed too. Otherwise someone might steal it during the night.)

Oh wait. Was that a noise. Is someone trying to steal my Steaming Pile of Doody toy?
Oh, they are trying to sneak up on the other side now.
OK, it is safe.

Till next time. See ya.


We just have to show you our Halloween pictures this year.

We are Bonnie and Clyde:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The price for a miracle

little girl went
to her bedroom and
pulled a glass jelly jar from its hiding place
in the closet.

She poured the
change out on the floor and counted it
carefully. Three
times, even.. The
total had to be exactly perfect.. No chance here
for mistakes.

Carefully placing
the coins back in the jar and twisting on the
cap, she
slipped out the back door and
made her way 6 blocks to Rexall's Drug Store
the big red Indian Chief sign
above the door.

She waited
patiently for
the pharmacist to give
her some attention, but he was too busy at this
Tess twisted her feet to make a
scuffing noise. Nothing. She cleared her
with the most disgusting sound
she could muster. No good. Finally she took
quarter from her jar and banged it on
the glass counter. That did

'And what do you want?' the
pharmacist asked in an annoyed tone
voice.. I'm talking to my brother
from Chicago whom I haven't seen in ages,'
said without waiting for a reply to
his question.

'Well, I want to
to you about my brother,' Tess
answered back in the same annoyed tone.
really, really sick....and I want
to buy a miracle.'

'I beg your
said the

'His name is Andrew and
he has something bad
growing inside his
head and my Daddy says only a miracle can save
him now. So how
much does a miracle

'We don't sell miracles
here, little girl.
I'm sorry but I
can't help you,' the pharmacist said, softening
a little.

'Listen, I have the
money to pay for it. If it isn't enough, I will
the rest. Just tell me how much it

The pharmacist's brother
a well dressed man. He stooped down
and asked the little girl, 'What kind of
miracle does your brother

' I don't know,' Tess
replied with her
eyes welling up. I
just know he's really sick and Mommy says he
needs an
operation. But my Daddy can't
pay for it, so I want to use my

'How much do you
have?' asked the man from Chicago

'One dollar
eleven cents,' Tess answered barely

'And it's all the
I have, but I can get some more
if I need to.'

'Well, what
coincidence,' smiled the man. 'A
dollar and eleven cents---the exact price of
miracle for little

He took her money in one
hand and with
the other hand he grasped
her mitten and said 'Take me to where you live.
I want
to see your brother and meet
your parents. Let's see if I have the miracle
you need.'

That well-dressed man
was Dr. Carlton Armstrong, a
specializing in neuro-surgery.
The operation was completed free of charge and
wasn't long until Andrew was home
again and doing well.

Mom and Dad
happily talking about the chain of
events that had led them to this

'That surgery,' her Mom
whispered. 'was a real miracle. I wonder
much it would have

Tess smiled. She knew
exactly how much a
dollar and eleven the faith of a
little child.

In our lives, we
never know how many miracles we will

miracle is not the
suspension of natural law, but the operation of
a higher law.
I know you'll keep the
ball moving!

Here it goes. Throw it
back to
someone who means something to

A ball is a circle, no
beginning, no
end. It keeps us together
like our Circle of Friends. But the treasure
for you to see is the treasure
of friendship you've granted to

I pass the
friendship ball to you.

Pass it on
to someone who is a friend


When you are sad.....I will
dry your

When you
are scared.....I will comfort your

you are
worried......I will give you

When you are
will help you

And when you are lost...and
can't see the light, I
shall be your
beacon...shining ever so

This is my
pledge till the

Why you may ask?....Because
you're my friend.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DaVinci and our trip to the Pinocchio house

Hi, DaVinci here.
We have a house in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania
which my Mom and Dad, and sister and brother
(which you will meet below)
refer to as The Pinocchio house.
We went there last weekend.
I love it there,
and here are some of the reasons why.
First - This is my travel home. It's pretty cool in here.
Mom says it is a kitty kennel,
but she turned it into a really cool trailer home for me.
She put a perch in it,
and a toy which I love tearing apart during the ride.
There is my food and water in the back. - See?

OK, I'm ready now. We're off to PA.

This is my cage in PA.
I have lots of toys in there,
and even a pink chain that I like to play on.

Oh, they shut the door on me now.

Wow, this is a rare treat.

You want one?

This is my play gym for here.
It's a little small, but I really like it.

It has a cool ladder and even a bell.
And I get to sit right in the middle of the living room.

That's my sister Gianna.
She just stares and stares at me all the time.

I think she needs a drink, but she will not leave my side to get it.
She thinks I need a babysitter I guess.

Mommy is very busy right now.
Look at all of her crafty stuff .

That's my brother Giupetto, over there on the right.
I like him.
He's cool and he doesn't try to attack me.
I hope you enjoyed my little vacation pictures.
--- Bye ---

Saturday, September 11, 2010


I am sorry to say that Leftina has gone to Rainbow Bridge,
where she will fly around free to her hearts content.
But poor Poncho was sad, all alone in his cage.
So meet his buddy Lefty.
Lefty is the one that is mostly white with tan markings.
Quite different I thought.
I do not know if you can see it, but Lefty has a sort of punk rock hair-do on top of his head that I just love. Lefty is a Society finch.
Poncho is a Gouldian finch. He is the one with all the bright colors.
I am pretty sure Lefty is a boy, by the way they hang out together.
They do seem like good buddies.
I have 2 videos, I just wish I also had sound,
as the little sounds and chirps they make constantly is just so nice to listen to.
The long white dish you see in the middle, on the floor, is a dish I found that is just perfect as a bath, and everytime I put their bath out, they get very active.
It is fun to watch.
I still have not been able to catch them bathing.
The second video they have calmed down some.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

DaVinci Gets a Play Gym

DaVinci thinks this play gym was for him to enjoy,
but it is really so I can have a break while he is out of his cage,
and it is working out pretty well so far.

Here he is exploring his play gym:Hmmmm.... These look like steps.
How am I doing?
It has a toy too?

He really likes it best right up on top, especially when Mommy hand feeds him treats like this dried banana. Already a spoiled boy.
DaVinci also LOVES his fruit. He gets fruit every morning.
Here is a short video of him eatting the fruit before I even finish filling the dish.
He loves watermellon.
You can see his eyes flashing as he eats the watermellon.
Alice explained that they do this when they are excited.

On the weekends I make DaVinci some warm breakfast.
This is an organic couscous with mango, carrots, coconut and other things.
You can see his eyes really flashing when he finds the raison.
I call it flashing when the pupils in their eyes go from big to tiny and big again.
Take a look when he finds that raison. Oh my! Hee hee.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


My husband and I have been looking for a Moustache Parrot ever since we saw one on last month's PetJubilee photo contest. A breeder seems to be hard to find, but last night on a whim I called the store I had bought Sinbad, and they had one 12 week old baby, and now he is mine.
He doesn't have all his coloring yet, nor all of his feathers. He is bigger than I thought.
But the funniest thing is his blue feet. It is hard to see that he has blue feet, but they are a powder blue.

We don't know if he is a boy or a girl yet, but the store owner says that because she does see the beak getting lighter, she thinks he is a boy. Her girls have a black beak, and the boys have a bright red beak.

He was scared in the store and kept biting. I tried to calm him by whispering his name - Lorenzo - bite, Santino - bite, Leonardo - bite, Santana - bite, Gaetano - bite.

All of a sudden another name came into my head - DaVinci - and he stopped biting and looked up. LOL So he is called DaVinci. Maybe some day he will even tell me, as they can learn to talk.

He is a big boy - bigger than I expected. He reminds me of those baby Teradactyls, the dinoaurs that look like birds.

He has never been in a cage before - so this was new, and he caught on pretty quickly. And he already has lots of toys.

Here is his first morning out with mommy.

Here is his first computer lesson.
Maybe he can take care of all of that paperwork.
I'm sure there will be many more pictures to come.