Monday, March 3, 2014

Family visit in PA - and a cheese dance

We all had lots of fun over this past weekend, with a visit from family at our house in PA.
Anthony, Laura and the 3 grandkids - Daniella, Michael and Andrew.

Here are some pics and Giupetto doing his tricks for the kids.

They played with my furbies. I made a Pot of Gold hat and we tried it on the furbies

Then we tried it on Giupetto. Here is Daniella - who loves the doggies:

We stopped to look at all the horses and take some pics - the boys were napping in the car:

The kids LOVED Giupetto doing his tricks - they especially loved the sneezing and they wanted him to preform over and over again. LOL

Lots of laughs, but does he do his "Cheese Dance"?