Sunday, February 27, 2011


Last weekend, on Feb 20th, we got another 8" of snow in PA.
Just before we left to head home the following morning, we wanted to have a little fun in the snow, well at least Gianna did.
Giupetto's hat had fallen in front of his eyes which is why he was having some problems in the beginning of this video, but once I took his hat off he was better.
Still not loving it as much as Gianna though.
Her hat had fallen under her chin and she was dragging it in the snow. LOL

We then dried off and finished packing up to leave. Little did I know that while I was packing things up inside, John had let them play in the snow again, so they again got all wet. We stopped at the first gas station and while we were gassing up the car, I dried them off and changed their coats.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Making of a St Paddy's day dog vest

Due to popular demand, of one person, here are some pics for the making of a dog vest.
Materials needed - tape measure, thread, bobbin, pattern pieces - most made of paper towels, D-Ring, white buttons, shamrock buttons, scissors, pen, customer info sheet, pins, dress makers label, vest fabric, white shirt fabric.
I covered the dining table with a flannel back table cloth to protect the table.

Cut out all the pieces:

Here are all the pieces cut out and ironed, and fabric label has been stitched into the back of the shirt:

Sew the vest pieces first:

Pin the center piece and the vest pieces to the shirt front and stitch in place:

Check on doggies:

Pin shirt front to shirt back:

And stitch together:

Turn right side out:

Add shamrock buttons and white buttons:

Check on doggies:

Add bow tie and velcro.
Finished vest!!

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial - on the making of a DianaDesigns vest.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Well, here are the pictures all together of the making of "Diana's Sewing Room" Pretty much all done now, except I still have to get the bicylce picture matted and framed and put up.
Picture 1 - He just took out the washer/dryer, and placecd the sewing table in there to check the fit:

Picture 2 - Painted the room Angel Yellow:

Picture 3 - and he fixed the hole in the wall where the dryer hose was and cleaned up the bibs:

Picture 4 - happy hubby has a talk with Gianna to get her comments on the new room:

Picture 5 - started adding some white wood shelves, and placed the sewing machine on the table:

Final picture - he bought me a red chair. I love the red, so I bought a red canvas bin for my velcr0, and added a few other red accents, and began organizing my shelves - I get the bottom shelf on both walls. The rest will be for needed supplies and storage.

I thought I would do a video tour of the room. I hate talking on these things as my voice gets lower and I sound like a robot. LOL That is until Gianna comes into the room and I become me again. :-) So just pretend a robot has done the voice over.

Must go now. Time to do some sewing: