Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DaVinci and our trip to the Pinocchio house

Hi, DaVinci here.
We have a house in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania
which my Mom and Dad, and sister and brother
(which you will meet below)
refer to as The Pinocchio house.
We went there last weekend.
I love it there,
and here are some of the reasons why.
First - This is my travel home. It's pretty cool in here.
Mom says it is a kitty kennel,
but she turned it into a really cool trailer home for me.
She put a perch in it,
and a toy which I love tearing apart during the ride.
There is my food and water in the back. - See?

OK, I'm ready now. We're off to PA.

This is my cage in PA.
I have lots of toys in there,
and even a pink chain that I like to play on.

Oh, they shut the door on me now.

Wow, this is a rare treat.

You want one?

This is my play gym for here.
It's a little small, but I really like it.

It has a cool ladder and even a bell.
And I get to sit right in the middle of the living room.

That's my sister Gianna.
She just stares and stares at me all the time.

I think she needs a drink, but she will not leave my side to get it.
She thinks I need a babysitter I guess.

Mommy is very busy right now.
Look at all of her crafty stuff .

That's my brother Giupetto, over there on the right.
I like him.
He's cool and he doesn't try to attack me.
I hope you enjoyed my little vacation pictures.
--- Bye ---


  1. This is SO cute!! You have really gotten him fixed up right :) I love the travel trailer and the playgym! What a cutie -- you can tell he's still a baby :) And Gianna lol She is staring, isn't she? But he's staring right back lol Giupetto looks very comfortable and happy there. What a fun time. I know you all must love going :)

  2. Aw, good to see you are learning to type on vacation, too. heehee. What a cool bird pad you have in PA. Loved the pics.

  3. Diana!! I love this!! What a gorgeous little family. And what a great way to travel with DaVinci - so so cool....and the little 'talking' that you do fits right in with the pictures. I want a parrot :) I want Gianna :) I want Giupetto :) So nicely done, my friend.

  4. Hi DaVinci! It's Tooey from Ohio. You are lucky to have a fun place in the mountains. I like car rides too, but my mom only takes me on short rides. She thinks I'll pee if we go for too long. Your gym looks like fun. And I would be scared outta my skin if a dog was watching ME like that! Be careful friend!

  5. Diana, I love this post!!! He seems like such a character!! It is funny how, a picture alone won't tell you much about an animal, but when Mom (or Dad;-) add the captions, you know exactly what their little personalities are like!

  6. DaVinci - you're a great little blogger! I love the pictures and hope that Gianna is just looking out for you.

  7. Your babies are so precious Diana and DaVinci is quite the star!
    I hope all is well for you,hugs to you and the babies!
    hugs Jenny fr Italy