Monday, March 28, 2011

DaVinci says his first words

I've been trying to teach my bird DaVinci to talk. I kept repeating a few phrases to him, but one of then seems to have caught his fancy.

Here he is saying "How does a cat go? Meow" over and over again.

John is now trying to confuse him by telling him a cat goes Woof Woof, and I am also trying to go on to teach him that a bird goes Chirp Chirp.

If you notice right around the time 3:59 in the following video he does say something other than meow. Is it Woof Woof or Chirp Chirp?

The video is a little less than 5 minutes. He does seem to get a little clearer by the end of the video.
I am, by the way, in the room at the back of the video sewing. You can here the click click of my sewing machine.
I set the tripod up to get this.


  1. Diana, I can hear it clear as day!! Wow and that 'meow' is so high and sounds so much like a cat lol Do you laugh after he says it? It sounded like to me he was laughing a few times after he said 'How does a cat go? Meow' and then he made another sound lol I love to hear just his bird sounds too. He is very interesting! Even the very first time in the video is clear to me! How exciting :) I love it!!

  2. I just watched it again lol Do you kiss him? Sounds like to me he's doing a smack, smack, smack like kisses. That's how Watson mimics James kissing on him. And he does sound like once he laughs. I heard the 'woof, woof' the second time -- you did a very good job of mimic-ing those animal noises for him! lol Too cute!

  3. I can hear him very clearly!! I can't wait until he learns, "Bring your fanny here, please!" LOL! He is BEAUTIFUL!!! Is that a new tail feather there?

  4. He is absolutely beautiful Diana and Yes, I can hear him saying 'How does the cat go' Meow. AND near the end I heard him say Woof Woof......I am smiling and smiling. This is wonderful - so enjoyed this. Can't get over his coloring..... wow:)

  5. Wow, he can talk. Yep, I hear it and of course the woof woof, too. Sasha says he needs a see and say. You know the one with all the animals sounds. heehee.

  6. Even Velvet was intrigued with this! I think its just amazing!

  7. Hello my name is Midhonets and I'm a cat !!!
    I'm friend of Gianna,Giupetto and Da Vinci .
    Da Vinci and I went together to the university and we have a polyglot career , I'm the one that thought him to meow !!! not , Diana !
    John knew about it and he knows he wasn't confusing him we learn together to woof and Da Vinci told me how to chirp !
    Well it's a great video Diana !
    Bravo !!!
    Quote .
    Buy the Gs designs soon if you haven't otherwise you'll be out of style
    Lots of WOOFS,chirps and meows to all of you
    Mishonets !!!
    Ps I'm from PONTEVEDRA ,Spain were Diana designs are also a hit and at the moment I'm in Mexico where the designs are also a hit .