Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our trip to Montauk

A video of our trip to Montauk - June 2012
John's sister Linda and brother in law Andy invited us to visit their campsite, where they were camping on the beach at Montauk, NY. They had a trailor and a screened in tent for the picnic table. The put down a rug with chairs all around. A wonderful day of relaxation, comfort, fun and family.
We started our day with a little breakfast at an old stomping ground where we had been years ago in Montauk - John's Pancake house. Then did a little shopping. Bought a new floppy straw hat, which unfortunatey I did not get a picture in, and a cute Montauk tee shirt, which John says makes me look pregnant, but I love it. We then all met up at the pool. John's daughter Jennifer was there with our grandson's Thomas, Stephen and Nicholas. AAlso at the pool were John's sister Linda, her husband Andy, their daughter Danielle and her husband Herb and their 2 kids Christian and Natalie. Enjoy.

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  1. wow. you did have a great day! great shots, i almost felt like i had been there!