Monday, March 3, 2014

Family visit in PA - and a cheese dance

We all had lots of fun over this past weekend, with a visit from family at our house in PA.
Anthony, Laura and the 3 grandkids - Daniella, Michael and Andrew.

Here are some pics and Giupetto doing his tricks for the kids.

They played with my furbies. I made a Pot of Gold hat and we tried it on the furbies

Then we tried it on Giupetto. Here is Daniella - who loves the doggies:

We stopped to look at all the horses and take some pics - the boys were napping in the car:

The kids LOVED Giupetto doing his tricks - they especially loved the sneezing and they wanted him to preform over and over again. LOL

Lots of laughs, but does he do his "Cheese Dance"?


  1. great photos of everybody! well, almost everybody. LOVE the cheese dance!!! he's such a ham.

  2. Love all of the wonderful photos! Giupetto is so cute when he does his sneezes and the cheese dance, lol.

  3. Ahwww Giupetto is ADORABLE!!!! Love the Pot of Gold Hat...Fabulous job Diana :-). Great job designing it!!!

  4. This is so cute!! Had to show James :) I loved the pot of gold hat too and loved to see it on that cute baby. I could watch Giupetto do the sneeze all day -- you know Montana used to do that... Loved seeing the cheese dance too. He is such a doll! Great pics with the horses. You look fantastic -- I'm thrilled you all had a good time :)

  5. Adorable! Guipetto is quite the actor . You should make something for him that says"will perform for cheese"

  6. OMD...the video is so cute! I love the sneeze.