Thursday, June 18, 2015

NJSPCA Pet Expo - June 13, 2015 - Vendor day

Beautiful day in New Jersey. We set up booths at a NJSPCA Pet Expo.
Lynn and her husband Dave were there.
We decided not to bring the dogs, and that was good as it was just too hot.
I felt bad for all the dogs for adoption that were there at the event.

John brought Giupetto and Gianna with him at the end of the event to help me break down.

Here are some pics.


Goats and Llamas

That's a Wolf

Lynn's booth with tie dye - Lynn and Dave is on the right

My booth

My headands and hats

Paracord leash extensions

Everyone loved this.
Junior the goat wearing his hat and one of Lynn's tie dye shirts

This French bulldog was showing their system you could rent to see what your dog sees.

Yes, lots of greyhounds for adoption.

There's my Afghan hound. Love this breed.

Corgi with large head, buys one of my top hats.

He went with this hat.
How cute the French beret looks on her.

This guy came back to thank me for how well this tandem leash extension works with his 2.

The Gs come to bring me home.


  1. Diana, that is so great!! I LOVED seeing these and your booth! It is magnificent!! You have answered every single question anyone could possibly have, before they have it lol The signs are so good and so informative, making lots of things all at once, make sense. The arrangement is wonderful. I would be drawn in completely! Lynn's booth looks nice too, and her things look nice. Nice of her husband to come. I loved seeing the different dogs that were there, especially the afghan hound. I rarely see those at all. It does look hot, but I think it WAS a proper show for you both, in that people adopting could take home an outfit or hat or something to go with the new furbaby. Loved also the man with the tandem leash. It looks so great and is such a good idea. I think they will really be popular. So much better than two leashes! Thanks so much for sharing with us! Another marvelous show for you and Lynn :)

  2. i see greyhounds!!! love seeing photos of your day & your spectacular booth! the hat display is so pretty & like alice, the signs are excellent. love the corgi in the top hat & the boston (?) in the party hat are perfect! i'm so glad you've got the show thing down pat now & can be even more successful!

  3. You Rocked it Diana!!!! Loved the photo of you in your booth with the G's. The Frenchie was a hoot!!! Great Blog, put a smile on my face for sure, along with giggles to :-). tee hee Fur-Fun!!!

  4. I love all of the pictures. It looks like a really amazing event. Your booth looked the best - very colorful and organized.