Sunday, June 6, 2010

We have new bird buddies....

Gianna here. Mom and Dad just came back with a gift for me - more bird friends.
Mom assured me they weren't statues, even though it has been over an hour and they have not moved.
Here are some pictures.
My Dad named them Poncho and Lefty.
That's Poncho on the right. He's a male Gouldian finch.

This is Lefty, a society finch. Mom's not sure if he is a boy or a girl yet. They told her at the store, if it sings it is a boy.


  1. They are beautiful!!I get the Poncho, but Lefty? Is there a reason or does Mr. Diana just like the name? ;-) And if the male sings, what does the female do? Am I asking too many questions? ....

    Congratulations on your new additions!!

  2. Oh how fun!! My DIL has two birds and I love visiting them. One comes and sits on my shoulder when she lets him out. These are beautiful! I hope they de-statuize soon!

  3. Cute birdies. Love the colors on Poncho. I have to ask too, what do females do, if males sing?