Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mom makes a wedding dress...

... for ANOTHER DOG!!

She had Cleara model it - - -

Close up with train:

Train detaches:

She still has to make the veil - Oh brother!!


  1. oh my goodness, Diana!!! That is so beautiful!!! Even more beautiful than the last one! You should make wedding dresses for humans.

  2. Oh My Goodness! Cleara! What a beautiful bride you would be! And you know how husbands wish they could read their wives minds? would be the perfect wife!
    Diana..I LOVE it! Tooey is sooo jealous right now....wishing he was a dog!

  3. That is the most gorgeous dress! I believe it IS more beautiful than the first one -- if that's possible. What imagination and creativity! I wasn't that well dressed on my own wedding day LOL

  4. WOW Diana WOW!!! I love this wedding dress and the amazing work you do.