Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

I got a new video camera for Christmas, so of course today, Dec 26th, I am making videos and slide shows.
Hope you like.

Giupetto loves to steal my slippers

Reindeer in Training - now they only listen to Santa Clause

We want the Reindeer cookies NOW!

Hubby plays with his new flying saucer.


  1. What a fun hubby toy! I would like 10 of those flying in my little house!
    Such great'll be a pro pretty soon! I thoroughly enjoyed-thank you!

  2. i loved all the videos! I would like one of those oreo cakes to go, please :)

  3. Terrific!! I just grin like crazy watching those videos -- all your babies are so cute :) Including that UFO flying hubby of yours. You guys were good this year -- Santa was very good to you both :)

  4. Great videos. Love those reindeer in training. Have fun with the new video camera. That cool flying saucer too.