Monday, April 4, 2011


I am so excited!

I got a card from Athena and Sasha, and then I saw that it was much more than a card. It was an ACEO from Athena.

An ACEO stands for Art, Cards, Editions and Originals. They are 3 1/2" by 2 1/2" art in miniature. Athena has started making these recently and sells them in her shop -

But back to my prezzie - It is not just an ACEO made by her, but it is of my 2 precious doggies - Giupetto and Gianna.

They just look adorable. Look at the detail in the fur. Even my husband was very impressed, and he is very hard to impress, and I actually saw a smile - Hey Mikey, he likes it!

Then I had to laugh because not only do the dogs look great,

but Athena is known for her detail.
She has them sitting on my red couch (where I take so many of my pictures of them) and she even included the pillows that I have on my couch and the little designs in the pillows are there. I don't know how she knows this, but she even got the gold color in the back of the pillow.
I already started framing it, and stopped to take some pictures. I think the pink matt with the orange and white striped border looks great.

And here it is already on the wall in sewing room.

Thank you so much Athena and Sasha.

We love it.


  1. Aww. Sasha and I are so glad you love it. I wasn't sure I could capture their exact cuteness in my drawings, but I think it turned out pretty close to them. That is the photo I used for most of the inspiration. I looked at a few others to get some ideas like for the bow and such. But, that was the photo I looked at the most while drawing them. I knew you liked red so I thought that red couch pose seem to cover it all. I am so happy that you love it. You have done so much for me it was just a little thank you. :)

  2. So adorable - Athena you have amazing talent :) Guipetto and Gianna are so happy - I can hear them calling out to 'Auntie Athena' - "We love you!! and thank you for making mommy very happy!!"

  3. This is the cutest thing I've seen ALL DAY!! I love it too :) I'm such a big fan of both the G's and Athena, that it is the perfect combination! You did a great job, Athena (and I'm sure it was Sasha's idea) lol I just sat and laughed at the pillows on the couch lol You can't get any better than that -- anywhere on the planet!

  4. This is incredible! What a wonderful surprise! rock! Great detail and there's no doubt it's the GG's. How fun!

  5. How fab! Athena you are amazing!

  6. How sweet! What a nice gift and it looks great in that frame!

  7. I love it!!! It is so fabulous! My furbabies and I are so jealous!