Sunday, April 10, 2011


It's time to do a refurbish of our deck.

Our potted trees have died over time. Our patio table broke 2 winters ago, along with the umbrella. Our outdoor fountain stopped working......

John decided instead of buying new patio furniture we would keep what we have and he would make a new table out of wood. It's been a really long time since I've seen him work with wood. This should be interesting.

So he prodeeded to make the table...We choose a nice emerald green:

...and he surprised me with some benches to go around the A/C unit that sits outside.

John bought a cute flag

Now this is how to relax:

Table is finished and we bought a beige umbrella that has solar lights inside.

There was a huge sale on trees

We start some of the planting. John asked if he could do some of the flowers, and even though I love planting, I let him do 2 pots. He asked me what colors I wanted to do this year and I said purples and yellow.

A little while later I asked where he was going and he said "The flowers are ready". ??

He had the garden guy pot the flowers for him. LOL

Here is what "they" came up with - a whole bunch of the same flower - the flower has both yellow and purple. LOL They are really pretty pansies though, and I do love the colors.

OK, now it is my turn...

How's that?

John wanted the big tree that he bought (for a whopping $24) to go smack in the middle of the deck.

Here is the fountain we bought, discontinued, last one, and on sale.

John will buid a wooden box for under it to raise it up.

I get to paint it to make it look like grey stone.

Well, this is one of the reasons I love it here.

And a short movie...


  1. Diana, that looks gorgeous!! Wow! I would have so much trouble coming indoors :) The trees look beautiful and that fountain is great! Gianna is so cute drinking out of it lol The table John made is terrific -- you couldn't buy one I would like more and the benches are perfect -- and didn't they come in handy for projects like your lovely flower pottings. Plus, I'm crazy about the color -- it matches perfectly that darling new flag :) You did a spectacular job :) Let's see, I used beautiful, gorgeous, great, spectactular, terrific, cute, handy, darling and lovely lol I'm in love :) The skyline from your deck is really neat to me too -- I don't see that every day. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. What a wonderful cozy patioscape to spend Summer mornings & evenings lounging. That John sure is a handy guy! :D Thanks for sharing the pics.

  3. Wow! Everything looks great! You got so much done. I'm very jealous. If you want you can come here and do my garden.

  4. Awww...what great hubby you have. Very very nice. Love the colors and all the greenery. So pretty.

  5. Diana - this is so lovely and inviting. Would love to come set awhile with you and John. I'll bring Vern too, o.k. he loves to garden too. The two guys would get along - I just know it.

    Love your color choice this year and the green trees are 'always' right. So refreshing and cool when the heat comes - the fountain adds a tremendous amount to the ambience. We usually have a fountain too - there is something so very special about the sound of water...and the grandkids love dipping into it too....just like Gianna and Giupetto do.

    Enjoy my dear - so lovely to 'see' you guys doing things together. John is certainly making you happy :)

  6. Wow! The deck looks so beautiful and cozy. I love pansies, they are my favorite. Enjoy and relax.