Sunday, June 19, 2011

Giupetto's 7th Birthday - June 2, 2011


Giupetto gets birthday prezzies in the mail from Shari, and we have a little birthday party.

Everyone loves the cake and treats, including DaVinci. Giupetto says even the birthday card Shari sent him tastes good.

Thank you so much Shari for making Giupetto's birthday so special!

And Giupetto gets to wear a silly birthday hat in the video too.


  1. That was great! Gianna - what a clown! She must have the patience of a two year old at Christmas! SO funny. And what a good boy Giupetto is, even though he ate the card! So many goodies....loved it!

  2. Thanks Diana for the video -- made me feel better seeing all those cute babies :) Giupetto is so reserved lol And Gianna just the opposite :) DaVinci is good at balancing on his chain -- they are all so precious. I love them like my own!

  3. That was so much fun to watch! Gianna was so excited and Giupetto acted like he didn't care as long as he got the card :)