Sunday, May 22, 2011

Art in The Plaza May 22, 2011

Well, it was sooooooo cold, only 50 degrees - all day, and very windy, even some cold drizzle in the morning, cloudy - the sun never even peeked out. But there we were about a dozen or so crazy people, out in the cold trying to sell thier art.

There were not that many people walking through, but truly, considering the cold, I was surprised we had as many as we did.

I saw at least 6 dogs, a Briard Marely, that I fell in love with. He did some tricks for me, such a super sweet dog. He hung out with us for most of the day. There was a cute tiny yorkie, an apricot poodle, a Cavalier, a white poodle, and a mini schnauzer.

I enjoyed talking with everyone as usual, and everyone enjoyed my customer pics. I took some pics and some videos.

The purse with the lavender flowers and butterfly sold. That was my favorite. Those embroidered scenes are so fun to do. You design it yourself, choose your silk flower and the machine stitches a design over the inside of the flower. I don't make these anymore. Just do not have the time.

I am so tired now. My feet hurt, and my shins hurt, and my cheeks hurt - I think I have wind burn.


  1. Well, Diana, I am SO impressed! Your booth looks fantastic :) It is just the cutest thing -- and you know I have high expectations from you -- I know you don't do anything halfway lol The wind didn't even seem to be blowing as hard at your tent -- I think it was how you had things arranged. Perfect! I'm so glad you got movies for us, I can feel (except for the cold) like I've been there. It looks like a fun place to be. I think you did wonderfully for a cold windy day. And those cinder blocks work great and look so neat. I think they actually draw the eye to your tent. Exceptional work there, miss -- and mister (we won't forget John)! I loved everything about it -- don't think you could improve on anything! And it was only your first day -- amazing :)

  2. Diana - this was great to see - so glad you took videos for us all. Very nice place to set up...looked like a nice group of vendors too. Loved the music- made it so friendly.

    Your booth was wonderful - love how organized and you set it all out so nicely. This was a 10 for sure! Your booth colors were very eye-catching.

    So glad for you and John too. Happy for the customers that did come by. Love all your items - a nice assortment - something for everyone.

    Thanks for sharing this :)

  3. Diana - this is SO cool! I bet it's packed on a nice day! A lovely setting! Your table is just amazing. So organized and full of things to look through. I had no idea you made bags! Beautiful!! And that Marley! What a doll. You will have better and 'funner' days ahead!
    OH - and way to go DH!

  4. oh, boy! movies! thanks for including your co-star hubby stuffer, he's a cutie! just think how much more comfortable you'll be next week when it's not winter anymore. you did good.