Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

The following videos are viewed best if you view in full screen - click on bottom right corner, and hit escape to come back here.

First a short collection of pictures taken from Giupetto and Gianna's 2011 photo shoot - trying to get the best 2011 Christmas photo:

I think we finaly choose this one:

Next 2 family slide shows -

Christmas in Long Beach -

A few days later in PA

Thanks for watching.

Have a great holiday season and all the best for a wonderful New Year.


  1. Diana, these movies are treasures! You are really terrific putting these shows together -- a master! The grandkids look so cute and your babies are dolls as always :) I love the reindeer in training and seeing them opening up their gifts. All of it is so sweet! And you look fantastic in K's hat! It's very festive and suits you to a T :) Thanks so much for sharing with us. Your Christmas was spectacular!

  2. Wonderful film making!
    What a treasure these will become as the grandkids get older. I love the Manor! How rustic and gorgeous. And your Christmas paper was so cute! I love the one of you in your K hat! So cute! SO fun to watch!

  3. these are so wonderful! what a lucky family you have. they are all happy & having fun with you & the g's. even the hubbs is smiling. gianna & guipetto have more outfits than i do! have to admit i was thrilled to see gorgeous you in your gorgeous hat!