Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011 videos

One movie - collection of the videos taken during the Christmas vacation - 2011


  1. How fun!! I loved it all! Your blankets turned out wonderful. The hair drying face was adorable! I love all the animals you have in the loft! And all the bed jumping reminds me of my boys so much. What a blast - thanks for sharing!

  2. boys will be boys! they are precious.

  3. You don't look like a grandma, Diana lol You do a great job of acting like one though :P The blankets are the cutest things! I think the boys and Jen really loved them. The birds are so huge -- you did such a great job at copying them! I'm not sure if I had ever heard your babies barking before. If nothing else, boys jumping on a bed will make a dog bark -- mine anyway lol What a lovely time you and John gave them there in PA. Things look so lovely and happy! Great video!