Saturday, January 7, 2012

Good bye Peep, and meet Carmello

Yesterday I came home and found that my little society finch, Peep, had died.
There was really no warning except a few weeks ago his breathing looked a little labored, and he looked a little ruffled. But this past week or so he looked fine.
Here is my last picture of him. Peep is on the left in the dark brown and white, and his buddy Poncho is on the right.

We will miss little Peep, and hope he loves his new place at Rainbow bridge where he can fly free.

I was a bit depressed over his passing. Partly because I wasn't sure if I had done something wrong. This was the 3rd buddy that I got for Poncho. The other 2 were females and I thought it might have been egg binding, but Peep was a male, and they got along really great.

I woke up even more depressed and went to the store to get Poncho a buddy, and help me to feel better.

They had a good looking selection of Society finches. The one I choose is the color of Carmel candy, mixed with white. I do not know if he is male or female, but for right now let's say he is a male. I have named him Carmello.

Here are some more pics (double click for full screeen):
Thanks for watching.


  1. I hope you do not feel insensitive of me, to go right out and get another bird, so soon after Peep died. But although I am still very sad over loosing Peep, it seems to be helping me to keep my mind on positive things.

  2. Csrmello is beautiful! He is exactly the color of caramel and he looks so humble and kind lol I like him and I believe Poncho will too. I hope it won't be long until they share the little house at night :) I think you did exactly the right thing in getting another friend for Poncho as soon as possible. You and he both will have to think a little more as you go along with the regular routine. It helps me tremendously with my grief, to replace as soon as possible. They don't take the place of the lost pet, but it redirects my attention and that helps. Goodbye to little Peep..... Thanks for letting us see the new fellow :)

  3. RIP Peep. I love Carmello. He is so pretty and contrasts well with Poncho's bright colors. I don't think it is insensative to get a new one after the other one passed. Poncho needs a friend soon so he doesn't get too stressed out being alone and missing his buddy, too. Also, I went through about 4 or 5 beta fish named loud larry for the kids I watched when they were really little. They eventually caught on that loud larry didn't quite look like the other one. So we just gave up after the last loud larry died.

  4. What a beautiful pair! I love Carmello's colors. He looks so classy - a nice complement to Poncho. I hope they become fast friends.