Sunday, February 19, 2012

Annie Fabric - Project 1 and 2

A few weeks ago Annie from the Petsjubilee team I am on, had some extra fabrics, and asked her team members if anyone wanted any. Here is the fabric.

I didn't see dog clothes with this, but I did almost immediately come up with an idea for this beautiful fabric. I told my friend Alice about my idea and she sent me a pattern for it. Although I ended up not using the pattern, choosing to make my own, the pattern showed the use of 2 fabrics and I immediatley thought of this great black corduroy with cherries fabric.

Based on the pictures below, I asked my other team members to guess what I was making.

Some went with dog clothes, some said totes and bags, even shoe bags and drapes.

The closest was Sue Ann who thought it was a cover for something. She guessed suit bag for a closet, couch or cushion covers...

I also had enough fabric for a 2nd project. That project also included 2 of these cards that I purchased from fellow team mate Eva. I knew when I purchased these cards that I wanted to use some of them for this purpose.

So...what did I make with Annie's fabric and Eva's cards? The answers lie here.
If the screen is cut off, click on it to make it full screen.


  1. Beautiful Diana !! I'm green with envy.....please come on over and 'do' my sewing it :):) and please bring that handsome hubby with level.......:):)

  2. Diana, I am so jealous of your space. I love it and the new covers, and the art, and all. :) We would have never guessed that. heehee

  3. Diana!! Oh WOW!! I am also green with envy -- a great way to put how it makes us all feel lol That corner is so perfect, top to bottom! Your covers turned out perfectly -- and you needed that modification to the cover pattern. YOu are too good :P I just love it -- and, like Pauline, am impressed with that picture hanging hubby! Everything is so neat and organinzed. I am thrilled for you and love that you let everyone play along lol It was fun and the end result is magic. You will have some special things come out of that sewing corner -- I just know it!

  4. WoW, you are so talented, Diana! Thanks for the virtual tour of your sewing corner, beautiful completed projects and lots of helpers too!

  5. You are amazing!! I love everything! What a joyful spot you have created - makes you want to get right to work. How fun! Thanks for sharing. I loved the supervisors...and the picture with Eva's cards. Ohhhhh! So pretty!

  6. how happy you must be! i've been "gonna make" a sewing machine cover for 30+ years. you are so smart. no wonder everybody's (me, too) jealous. i'm sort of picturing you humming while you sew.