Saturday, March 3, 2012

My sewing room

Pictures of my sewing room.
This room used to be a utility closet and had the washer and dryer. After many requests from my husband who was tired of me taking my portable sewing machine out and sewing on the dining table, he finally convinced me that we take the washer and dryer out and make this my sewing room.
So it is now my cute little sewing room, and utility room. He built all the shelves, in put in under shelving lighting, and it is my little space and I love it.

This first picture is a panarama shot taken with my new camera. A little distorted as I had to take it too close, but a cool feature on the camera.
Note the framing I did of all the ACEOs.

I love my collection of ACEOs purchased from some of my PetsJubilee team members.
The one on the left is by Athena, from www.SassySashaDoxie.
The middle and right are from Patty from www.DogBarks.
Here is the other wall. The ACEO on the left is also from Patty, and so is the fabric dog pin up.
The ACEO on the right is also from Athena. She gave this one to me as a gift. It is of my Giupetto and Gianna on the couch.
This one is from Athena - Doxie on Skateboard; fabric cat and dogs from Patty.
You can also see my Giupetto and Gianna bobble heads, and a felted inchworm made by another team member Hilary.

Athena also made me this one of my parrot DaVinci, on his play gym. I have not framed this one yet, but it sits in my sewing room.
Might seem a bit cluttered - we try to fit as much storage of household items in this small space...
...but the area I see when I sit and sew is so pretty, cheerful in yellow with red accents and my friends art work all around me. I keep that area pretty clear.
I found these prints on etsy and just had to have them as well, and framed them all together.
My friend and team mate Pauline found this print on etsy. It reminded her of me and thought I would be interested, and I was. She knew I would love it. This door closes and this is the picture I see from inside the apartment.
Pictures to see the size of the space, and all my sewing storage on the first shelf.
The red and green striped fabric totes were a gift from another friend and team mate, Alice from www.MakingStuffWithLove. I keep ribbons in one and bows in the other.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to my sewing room.

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  1. You are so fortunate. Your sewing room is wonderful. It is nice that your husband did that for you. It must be so great to sew with all the art around you made by people who care about you so much.