Sunday, April 29, 2012

We Got Prezzies in the Mail

I am on a pet lovers and artisan team. This team has become a big part of my life. I love these people on the team, and have made some real friends, some good friends, and I hope some long term friends. Many do not understand on-line friends, as if they are not real. How you can get close to someone you have never met, or that live clear across the country, or even in another country? But it is real, and true friendships do occur.
I hope someday to meet some of the people on my team. But in the meantime it feels good to chat with them, discuss our craft and our sales, share stories with them, pray with them, even cry with them.
Well the other day I received some prezzies (as the people on the team call them) and would like to share them with you, and the shops they came from:

Years ago I met Alice, from She makes needles felted dogs. These are figurine replicas of your dogs. I had to have her make my 2, Giupetto and Gianna, and they came out adorable.
A while later she found the same team I am on, and our friendshp was rekindled.
Recently I put the needle felted Giupetto and Gianna into a shadow box, that I will make into a little room, and Alice just sent me this adorable rubber tree, floor plant to put in their room.

Then she sent me this great bird mobile. The head bops up and down. It is made of wood.
John and I both love it, and we put it under the gazebo.

Then I met another great lady, who recently joined the team, and has become a favorite to many. Her name is Sue Ann. She makes figurines out of clay, and her artistry is just terrific. Her shop name is
I asked her to make me figurines of Giupetto and Gianna and attach them to one of my favorite bowls, which you will see at the end.
The other day her little dog Baxter sent Gianna and Giupetto some little gifts. They came in these pretty sparkly little bags. (Gianna and her dog Baxter have a long distance budding romance going on. LOL)
Look at the adorable little charm for Gianna - a little lock and key.

Giupetto checks out the package. What is it?

It is 2 little figurines!! One looks just like Baxter, a Boston Terrier, for Gianna. He has a little red heart on his chest.
The other is for Giupetto and is an adorable frog! How cute!! 

First I put them by the shadow box. But I think they look really cute by the great bowl Sue Ann made us.

Thank you both so much for the wonderful gifts, and for being such good friends.

Please visit these shops - for a replica in either yarn or clay of your pet:


  1. What a nice story of friendship among kindred spirits. Thanks for sharing it with us! It's wonderful to be a part of the PJTeam with such awesome artists!(all of them!)

  2. You are SO right about our virtual friends! I have been deeply enriched by all who visit out forum.
    These gifts are so awesome! I love your little addition of the plant in the box. They look so much more at home now. And of course your clay GGs are simply adorable. Wonderful post!

  3. I am a recent member of the PJ Team and I too love sharing with this great group of artists. The items from Alice and Sue arn are wonderful!

  4. Diana! What a darling post! My favorite part is Giupetto dancing for the sparkly bag :) I have a crush on him myself. I know the ladies love him lol Sue Ann's gifts were so special and I am so blessed to have met you through the needle felted dogs! I can't imagine life without you -- or this team :) We have wonderful, wicked fun! Thanks for sharing your new prezzies with us :)