Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pretty Flower dog Bridal gown in the making

A customer asked me to make a bridal dress for her dog, who she is calling her Flower Dog.
She gave me a description of her own wedding dress, which included:
White lace, western style, rustic, layers of ruffles and lace, and some bling.
Her bridal colors are turquoise and brown, with a touch of yellow and white.
Her malti-poo is white, and she wants color and some lace.
I drew a few sketches and the decision was a turquoise satin skirt, with some white overlay. She did not want a train, but she liked my idea of the lace cascading down the back

The cutting and stitching begins:

Now to figure out how to get the lace to casade and still keep the pretty finished edge. I decided to piece it in levels:
And it looks like this:
Added some organza ruffles, and a nice big satin bow:
And now to get some of the other bridal party colors in there. I added some brown ribbon:
And some yellow flowers:

Finished dress with some matching hair bows.


  1. Oh wow, Diana, that's beautiful! I love the way you did the lace on the back, that's my favorite part. I hope someday I'm as good at sewing as you are :)

  2. Aww, It is so pretty Diana. I think Sasha may have to seek you out when her and Oscar finally tie the knot. heehee. :) Love it.

  3. Diana! I love to see a project during each step! This is so wonderful :) The gown is beautiful! Has the owner seen yet? She will be thrilled. I bet as many people will be talking about the dog as the bride lol Such a great design with the unusual colors, you made it look so lovely. I love everything about it :)