Friday, November 30, 2012

Super Storm Sandy leaves it's mark on my town

These pics were taken 4 weeks after the storm.
This is the lobby of my building.

Entire first floor apartment - had to be gutted

Collected piles of debris line the streets, both sides.

Porta Potties are still set up on the streets.

Where there used to be cars parked on the street and in the meridian by the shops are now all these disaster recovery trailers and trucks.

This truck and that hose is attached to my building, still sucking out the moisture and mold after 4 weeks.



This sand used to be the street. The sand should be way back to where the board walk is. 
Again this is 4 weeks after the storm and they still have all this sand to relocate.


We saw cars that were covered up to the roof in sand and seaweed.
And we still saw lots of signs for where people could get free food and water.
I sure hope 4 weeks from now there is some significant improvement.
At least we now have power.


  1. Oh Diana! Thank you so much for sharing. I am so sorry for all the devastation! So hopeful things move quickly. It is always such a horrible feeling that man still has to survive mother nature. We can control so many things, but that is one that still rules us :( I'm thrilled for you that they have got the power on. So sorry you may be forced to leave John in PA -- that has got to be a touch decision. Please know that we are all heartbroken and hate it so badly for you :(

  2. Diana - I agree with what Alice said. I didn't know what to expect when I came to see the pictures, but am so encouraged by the signs of rebuilding and that the electricity is back on now. I am confident that four weeks from now will show a significant difference. Hugs and lots of love.

  3. You know Diana - at the risk of sounding trite, I am going to say this:
    After looking through all of the pictures, what stood out the most was the sun shining and the pictures with the yellow truck. In those pictures - for whatever reason - I see how beautiful your neighborhood must be. Those trees with the iron gate must be gorgeous in the spring, and looking out your front and/or back windows at beaches has got to be a lovely view. I can see why you want to go back. It's home. I will pray you get back soon.

  4. so much damage! patty's right, it looks like a beautiful place. i know you are heartbroken. you are certainly strong enough to get through this & more. i wish i could say something that would help, but i just love you.

  5. My dear friend,
    Those pictures are so sad but the good thing is that you and your beloved ones are safe . I have great admiraion for you.
    Diana is an example of love and her actions speak for themselves.
    I admire your fortitude and most of all that you're full of love and I'm sure you'll be back in your home and this experienced as devastated as it is , would just make you rise like a phoenix from the ashes
    Lots of love to you and the Gs
    Your friend from Spain.

  6. Diana, my heart goes out to you. The up side is that you will be able to go home. The streets piled with debris are all too familiar here in NJ. Know that you can convo me anytime. Lots of love to you , John and the G's