Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We went to John's daughter Jennifer's home for Thanksgiving.
This is the wonderful house they moved into recently.
Just such a wonderful place to be. I love the house too.

We took the 2 dogs and stayed over. I think we all had a really great time.

In the past, their dog Lexie and my 2 dogs didn't get along that well, but everyone talked me into bringing them, and they were all right.
I think all 3 dogs have calmed down and everything went well.

Of course they all teased me the whole time about how terrible the dogs were getting along, as I was the only one worried. LOL

Some of the pics in the video were taken by the kids. They love cameras too.

At the end of the short video is a movie clip of Nicholas dancing - it is very cute.


  1. wonderful shots! love it when the pets are included in the festivities.

  2. What a blast! I love the 'why is grandpa so popular' shot. And I predict a break dancer/gymnast is in the making with Nicholas! I would love a chance to teach him a few things! Great day for the Lucchis!

  3. I loved it! It looked so wonderful and homey with everyone there and the pups were all so good!

  4. Looks like you all had a great all the action....thanks Di for letting us in on the fun :)

  5. fun to watch. Glad you all had a great time!

  6. I came back to comment --nearly forgot.... This is so cute! I am so happy the dogs got along and the vissit was so nice :) I love Lexie in her pumpkin sweater and the G's always look precious. They seem to be very at home there. That is such a nice thing, makes the holiday so much nicer! Nicholas dancing was a great finale lol Cute, cute family and cute, cute friend -- you look so great in Patty's skirt!