Sunday, February 10, 2013

February snow storm

We did not get as much as many all around us, but we did get some awesome 1 foot drifts.
hard to see here, but the dogs were sinking down in the drifts and didn't know what to do - other than come right back inside.
They both were asking to go outside.
So with snow parkas on they step out.

Unusual for Giupetto to go out in the snow first, but I think Gianna knew this was deeper and softer than she's ever been in before, so she hung back a bit.

Giupetto came right back in, but Gianna decided to check it out a little more.

She went around the back of the pot - to the left.

Uh-oh - how do I get back. It is hard to see that the drift there is higher than she is.

SO - she came back around the back of the pot and again - and ran  in!!

This was a little while later - The snow actually pulled the sleeve right off her leg.


  1. The G's are sooo cute in their snow parka's.
    Loved it when you said: "Gianna go have fun out there...Go ahead". tee hee toooo cute :-)

  2. they are so so adorable! love how giupetto was lifting his back legs waaaay out of that white stuff. the parkas are awesome.