Monday, March 18, 2013

A little self promotion...

I recently recieved the cutest thank you video from a new customer, and now new friend. She then proceded to make 2 more videos of my 2 dogs - promoting my shop. She did such a great job - and the dogs are talking!! I put them together in one video for all to enjoy.

Here is my new customer Sophie in the first hat that she ordered which prompted these videos:

And here she is with her mom, Kelly, in the new St Patrick's day outfit I made for her, with matching visor:

Thanks to Sophie and Kelly for working on these videos. You did a great job.
And Happy St Patrick's Day.

Diana, Giupetto and Gianna


  1. Diana I am smiling and giggling :-).....LOVE-Love-love the video....What a hoot!!! You and Kelly did a Great job on it...tooooooo Cute!

  2. Well Done Kelly!!!! This is the greatest thing....and your pup looks so adorable in her outfit. Hope you had a wonderful St. Pat's day.....:)

  3. These Videos are a hoot! Gianna and Giuprtteo are true stars!! lol

  4. Bravo Diana !!! Bravo for the stars !!!
    Meows with love

  5. Diane, I have heard so much about your wonderful outfits. My daughter is, Kelly Greene
    and the outfits you made for Sophie are just too, too much! My daughter is very creative, and I'm sure she'll have many new ideas for you.
    I truly enjoyed your 'blog.' You are very talented.

    Pat Whigham