Sunday, October 27, 2013

Annual Country Fair - Rock hall museum - Oct 19 & 20, 2013

Not as good as last year, but still a good fair.

Of course the stars were Giupetto and Gianna - dressed as Cowboy and Cowgirl this year.

John said we should have charged money for pictures because every body wanted pictures of the dogs.

I was happy with my selection of sweaters this year - esp the embroidered ones. People seemed to like them and I did sell a few of them, and also they liked the hoodies. I sold one of the two hoodies I made. And of course the hats. The hats became the big draw.

John also had his paracord bracelets there. This year it was mainly the kids that bought them.

I was a little down in the dumps on Sunday, when I found a vendor selling Beta fish tanks. There is sand art at the bottom, topped with gravel that is glued down, so only the water has to be changed Maybe a wipe of the glass once in a while. I didn't know he was also selling the Betas, and he only had 1 left!!   Meet Happy.

The 2 turtles with bobbing heads I bought also - 2 for $5 !!

A video of approx. 20 pics from the fair:


  1. Diana your set up was fantastic. Having all the photo's along side the items was perfect. The G's were darling :-). Enjoyed the video and glad you got "Happy" at the end :-).

  2. Di-ana!! What a spread! :) Your booth looked absolutely perfect! Sooooo amazing and the babies were dressed so cutely lol All of the setup was so good. So wonderful to be able to see all the things you make, laid out like that -- I LOVED it!! And of course I love Happy too. This was a great thing you did here! So impressive :)

  3. what a set up! your hat display is really clever. the pictures must make all the difference in letting people see what they're looking at. i'm glad you got "happy" at the end, too.