Sunday, January 19, 2014

DaVincia gets a new play gym

Go away - I'm working here.

Finished gym


You can see Giacomo on the picture above, at the top of his little ladder, near bottom of his cage.

And yes, DaVincia is plucking again. Almost all the coral on her chest is gone, and her tail feathers. I guess I just have to live with this until Sep again.

DaVincia is put on her new gym.
For Jess, just a little bit of her stepping up, but really doesn't show much

Below, she does start to move around on it.



  1. Ohhh Diana, This was so fun to see :-). I got a kick out of the first photo..."Go away - I'm working here". haha DaVincia's is one very lucky Girl to have you and John as her Mommy and Daddy :-).

  2. she's sooo beautiful! i love how she uses the ladder. she's got the good life!

  3. I loved all of it! Especially when she went from one ladder to the other, lol. I guess I expected her to go over to the rope. John did a great job on the gym.

  4. This was so great to watch!! She is certainly very smart and gentle. I think you do perfectly with her. I'd let her decide sometimes if she didn't want to step up -- if it wasn't for any special reason.... I loved her too on the ladder. Watson has never used a ladder, so she looks very talented to me going up and down and eating all those good things. Birds are usually uncomfortable with new things (in my experience), so I thought she was exceptional with the new gym. And of course I always like to hear you talking to her :) Great post. I could watch all day :)