Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday DaVinci

DaVinci turned 1 year old on May 5, 2011.

We went to Pennsylvania for the weekend, arrived at night. DaVinci loves his travel cage so much he stayed in there the whole night and didn't come out till the following morning.

These are the videos taken that morning.

Caution - I am trying to teach DaVinci how to sing Happy Birthday, so one of the videos you will here one of the 100 times I sing the song to him. I want you to sing along - you know, in honor of his birthday.

Even though I have sang this some so many times, so far all he can say is "How does a cat go? Meow" and "Woof-Woof".

Hope you like his birthday videos:


  1. I sang along! Make sure you tell him! But you forgot the 'woooooo!' at the end! I liked the cool tunes in the last one AND the yummy fruit bowl.

  2. I sang along. Sasha woofed, too. Yappy B-day DaVinci.

  3. I'm so glad DaVinci liked the toys and the treats!!!! I especially loved the little dance he/she did, lol!

    Great videos :)

  4. I finally got a moment when it was quiet to actually listen to the videos :) Terrific! I am just fascinated by him. Such a beautiful bird and he looks so good natured! He really likes that wood and he was dancing for Shari's treats lol That bowl of fruit did look good too! He is one lucky bird :)

  5. i see da vinci had a blast on his birthday: toys, treats, dancing & music. doesn't get any better. i sang.