Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I'd like to tell you about this wonderful person I met on etsy.... Her name is Jenya.

Jenya has many talents, including designing enamel jewelry and acrylic painting, and loves to use her creativity in color and design. Jenya has a love for animals, and also a great talent for knitting. She has combined all of these loves and talents by creating these wonderful knitted dog sweaters and vests.

Jenya opened up her shop on etsy in November 2010, and soon after joined the PetsJubilee team, which is where I met her and have since found out what a wonderful, warm, fun and very generous person she is. She has even had numerous giveaways, giving out multiple sweaters at a time, and shares her blog for others to post on.

Her dog sweaters are just beautiful. The one above being one of my personal, all time favorites.

The colors, the patterns in the design, the stitches she uses, really show in her work, and stand out from the rest. She even added these little pockets on the back for treats.

I can speak from experience as I own 3 of her sweaters so far, and will be back for more. Not only do I love the colors and the design, but they are made very well, with quality yarn, and they are so soft, with a comfortable fit for my dogs. Here are some pics of my 2, Giupetto and Gianna wearing them.

The 2nd picture is of a shorter sweater vest, that is another great idea of Jenyas. I now need one of those for my girl.

Jenya also makes these beautiful shrugs for us humans, and uses her same talent and eye for color and detail in these wonderful shrugs.

AND... she has now added these beautiful and unique knitted necklaces to her line.

Won't you stop by her shop and show her some love?


  1. Great post!! I agree 100% with all that you said about Jenya and her shop! She's a real find -- from the wonderful friendship she shares with us to the beautiful sweaters she makes. Some of the most gorgeous knitting I've ever seen :)

  2. SO adorable ~ the doggies in their sweaters. Love the colors and especially the little pocket for treats. Very very cute!

  3. Congrats Jenya on being featured! You do beautiful work and are a delight to have on the team. I especially love the doggie sweaters!

  4. see all of these beautiful sweaters in one place like this is stunning! So talented!

  5. There are many doggie sweaters sold on Etsy - but there is only one Jenya. Her creations are not only beautiful, they are unique. When you see one of these little sweaters, you just know it came from her shop:)

  6. Such a wonderful post, Diana! You picked out several of my favorites of Jenya's. Jenya, you are so very talented and make the most unique sweaters!

  7. Thank you so much, Diana, for this wonderful blog story. And, thank you everyone for your kind comments, you all make me feel so good and loved!!

  8. Aww, such a sweet blog for Jenya. I love her sweaters. Just wished I had a dog that would love to be dressed up. Oh, well. :)