Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rock Hall's Annual Autumn Festival - Oct 2011

Here's our booth. Behind the booth is John and son-in-law Greg
Below you can see the cork board for the hats and capes. I have a look book on the table, which people like to look through. This time I laid the cat toys out on a platter and it worked great. I sold several. And I have a few dressed inflatable dogs hanging around.

Below is a closeup of the hats board day 1:

Next is a close up of the same board Day 2.

The Hubby's area. He made and hung these poles.

He displayed some on a cut tree trunk:

But what brought the most attention were the dolls he secured to a display tray - Iron Man, Phoenix and Wolverine. And the kids all ran over, esp recognizing iron man.

There's the hubby:

We've got a customer. Tucker is Baaad to the Bone.

Donna and Georgi came to visit:
Below is a new hat I made while sitting there at the fair:
End of day 2 - it was a very successful and fun weekend. There is my oldest grandson Thomas. They all helped pack us back up.


  1. These are the most wonderful pictures :) So much activity shown in the colorful pics - I can just imagine people swarming around very unique and eye-catching. Well done you two - clap clap and hurrah for all the sales....what a successful weekend...!!!!
    love, Pauline

  2. Oh Diana! This is just incredible! So full of enticement. And hubby's creativity is awesome! Wonderful set up and packed to the hilt! Just the way shoppers like it. Congrats on all your success.

  3. That IS an excellent fair booth! Wow! You guys do things up right -- I would expect no less from either of you though :) It's not easy to set up a cute area so quickly and make it so full of things and so very welcoming. Pauline is right about those beautiful colors and nice lookng people. Loved your little bad to the bone dog :) I love the sunshine you got in the morning -- it looks like an absolutely gorgeous day there. I love getting to see you guys and your family (how nice was that that they helped you pack up?), where you live -- helps me visualize stories I am hearing from you better lol I am thrilled things went so well with everything! One great show and a very fun time now hearing about it!

  4. not only are you a renowned tailoress, i see you are a displayer extraordinaire! love the tree trunk, too.

  5. Wow, I am impressed! Your booth is very inviting. Looks like John has been as busy making braclets as you've been sewing & crocheting!