Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter brunch - 2014

Giupetto and Gianna were invited to our family's Easter brunch at Anthony and Laura's.
I think everyone had a great time.

The youngest granddaughter, Antonia, just loved the dogs. I can't wait until she gets a puppy of her own.
Antonia and my Gianna were both wearing frilly yellow dresses. :-)

I was so busy running after the dogs I did not take a lot of pictures, but I did put a few together.

And here is their 2nd ever Easter Egg hunt 



  1. I love all of it! The pictures with you and the G's are perfect! Also loved watching the zoomies. Gianna in her little tutu giving Giupetto a run for his money, lol. So wonderful that she seem to be feeling great!

  2. Ohhhh how FUN!!! Love the videos :-).The photo of you and the G's "Easter Kisses" is Darling :-). Cool color nail polish your wearing to....pretty orange. The zoomies is way cute :-). Loved the Easter outfits :-).

  3. the shot of you getting easter kisses is the cutest! the egg hunt was lots of fun. maybe giupetto thought he was supposed to pose for the camera, not hunt for eggs?

  4. This was so great! You were able to entertain me, your own dogs, and one of mine as well lol Bitzy sat here with me and watched your dolls search for eggs :) SO cute! That voice just made her pay attention. Your two look divine for Easter and that photo of the three of you is beyond perfect. I love it! All the kids (the real ones lol) were so cute in their Easter outfits and the G's were dressed to the nines as usual. I did love Giupetto in the soft blue and the tutu was so cute on Gianna. I loved the egg hunt with the G's. They do very well at finding them lol I am so happy that we get to spend Easter with you, at least virtually. You made it a very special day. Loved this so much :)

  5. Awesome pictures of you and the fur kids. Love the video...Gianna's tutu is adorable! Love Giupetto's bunny ears!