Monday, February 21, 2011


Well, here are the pictures all together of the making of "Diana's Sewing Room" Pretty much all done now, except I still have to get the bicylce picture matted and framed and put up.
Picture 1 - He just took out the washer/dryer, and placecd the sewing table in there to check the fit:

Picture 2 - Painted the room Angel Yellow:

Picture 3 - and he fixed the hole in the wall where the dryer hose was and cleaned up the bibs:

Picture 4 - happy hubby has a talk with Gianna to get her comments on the new room:

Picture 5 - started adding some white wood shelves, and placed the sewing machine on the table:

Final picture - he bought me a red chair. I love the red, so I bought a red canvas bin for my velcr0, and added a few other red accents, and began organizing my shelves - I get the bottom shelf on both walls. The rest will be for needed supplies and storage.

I thought I would do a video tour of the room. I hate talking on these things as my voice gets lower and I sound like a robot. LOL That is until Gianna comes into the room and I become me again. :-) So just pretend a robot has done the voice over.

Must go now. Time to do some sewing:


  1. Diana, "The Closet Crafter!" :D Great use of of a samll space. Way to go, Big John!

  2. Diana, I love it. You might need to give that hubby a special treat for all that. heeheee. I guess I imagined Gianna bigger than that. She is much smaller than I thought or maybe the room is bigger than I am thinking. heehee.

  3. Diana...I was smiling all the way through!! It is so YOU! It's just lovely. And now I will imagine you so clearly when you say, "It's time to turn my chair around!"

  4. Diana - so happy for you!! This is great! Love the red accents too....and the little doggies here and there, and the pics are perfect!! Thank Big John for this marvy idea - and you can close the door if you want to, right? (very important)
    My question is this: Where did the washer and dryer go?
    (Amazing how much stuff can be placed in a small well you'll have to submit to a magazine to show off your sewing room. I think is the link. :)

  5. Pauline - I wondered the same thing, lol. The washer and dryer had to go somewhere, right? I love the pics and the guided tour! It is amazing how many things you were able to fit in there. John did a great job and I can't wait to see with the finished artwork!

  6. What a wonderful sewing room! I am so jealous! I think the yellow you picked is terrific, very cheerful. You are so organized. John did a great job. It is great that he is so supportive.