Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Making of a St Paddy's day dog vest

Due to popular demand, of one person, here are some pics for the making of a dog vest.
Materials needed - tape measure, thread, bobbin, pattern pieces - most made of paper towels, D-Ring, white buttons, shamrock buttons, scissors, pen, customer info sheet, pins, dress makers label, vest fabric, white shirt fabric.
I covered the dining table with a flannel back table cloth to protect the table.

Cut out all the pieces:

Here are all the pieces cut out and ironed, and fabric label has been stitched into the back of the shirt:

Sew the vest pieces first:

Pin the center piece and the vest pieces to the shirt front and stitch in place:

Check on doggies:

Pin shirt front to shirt back:

And stitch together:

Turn right side out:

Add shamrock buttons and white buttons:

Check on doggies:

Add bow tie and velcro.
Finished vest!!

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial - on the making of a DianaDesigns vest.


  1. Darling fabric!! The part I liked best?? "Check on doggies!"

  2. Aww, it is so neat to see the way your outfit comes together. Love it. :)

  3. I just love your design. It is so cute. Your sewing assistants look like they take their work seriously - hehehe.