Monday, October 22, 2012

Rock Hall Autumn Fair/ Festival

We had a wonderful time at the annual autumn festival.
The fair was a huge success, although quite exhausting.

We did have the dogs, Giupetto and Gianna with us for an hour or so on the second day, but I forgot to take pictures. They were dressed in the super hero costumes and they were a huge hit.

The weather was great, the crowds were great, and there was live music both days.

Fun for all.


  1. Well, Diana another great production! That is too much fun! What a lovely fair :) Such a beautiful place and all the people! Wowsers, Pauline would say -- or Wheeee as Sue Anney lol Your booth looked fantastic with all the colors and John's items look so neat there. So funny Rosie was such a good customer and all the darling dogs there were so much fun to see :) Your cute grandkids and John are always so much fun :) Thanks too for letting us see in the big white house and for filming the doll clothes -- you know I loved that lol I am so impressed and proud for you, my friend! You did an EXCELLENT job here :)

  2. I am finally looking at this! What a marvelous success! I actually loved the first intro music! LOL All those handsome doggies, the incredibly overstocked booth you put together, the happy grandkids - everything was so perfect!! So much effort. I'm thrilled you had such a booming turnout!